Sketchbook & Fun

This is a selection of pieces that I have done for more personal projects, portrait commissions and experimentation. Though the majority of this work uses my cat Dixon as my subject, I do love to branch out and draw other pets too.

If you would like to see what I’ve been doing most recently, please check out my Instagram!

Draw in Your Style, original characters by @gassspanic – digital 2019
Clipstudio Paint, 2018
Adobe Photoshop, 2018
Max & Mel – Watercolour & pencil, 2018
Colour Pencils, 2018
Adobe Illustrator, 2017


Inktober 18.10.17 – felt tip & pencil, 2017
Inktober 06.10.17 – felt tip marker, 2017
Inktober 05.10.17 – felt tip marker, 2017
Adobe Illustrator (original ink), 2017
Adobe Photoshop (original ink), 2017